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Tips for boosting traffic at your trade show booth – PART 4

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Tips for boosting traffic at your trade show booth – PART 4

Drawing Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth: Look Sharp

While the bells and whistles inside your booth are likely to draw attention from passersby, you should aim to make the booth itself attractive to visitors. Brull suggests that in addition to ensuring your booth looks and feels like an open, warm retail environment you should also take measures to ensure tables and display units do not dominate the space. Most important of all is to ensure that nothing blocks the door, preventing all-important potential clients from entering.

It is definitely worth noting that of all the booths that were hailed at this year’s Exhibitor magazine exhibit design awards, the majority of them offered a calm sanctuary away from the chaotic exhibit environment outside them. You don’t have to go to great expense in order to make your booth stand out either. An example of making an impression for very little cost is the award-winning Autodesk Inc.,booth that featured an 18-foot-high double archway and custom-made desks and walls. All of that was created for just thirteen dollars per square foot.

Brull tells of one of the best and most effective booths being that of a box-shipping company. The booth was 10’ by 20’ and they had created the back wall entirely from different colored and shaped boxes. He says they were able to create an eye-catching and attractive feature without much expense, something any company can do with a little thought and design planning.

That being said it can be extremely challenging to design a really attractive and effective booth when the design space is limited to 10’ x 10’ or 15’. Stevens believes that signage is the most important design element of any booth, whether it be small or large. He also believes that as long as you have done a good job of pre-show promoting, the aim at the trade show is to attract those people who know you, and that the way to do that is with what he calls “benefit-oriented” signage. Elements the “benefit-oriented” sign should include are as follows:

· Be highly visible and legible from as far a distance as possible.

· Have words that provide a potential client with a good reason to want to stop.

· Provide a clear answer to the client’s unspoken question: “What’s specifically in it for me?”

· Use very little or no jargon.

· Provide a solution to a business issue.

Don’t let those who are not part of your target audience be a concern. Concentrate on attracting those that you ARE targeting. Be specific about what you are offering. Stevens’ advice is that if you are representing software that is specific to the accounting industry, let it be known. You don’t want unqualified prospects taking up the limited number of hours available to you; hours that are better spent talking to and developing contacts with people you may be able to do business with.

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