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Tips for boosting traffic at your trade show booth – PART 3

Tips for boosting traffic at your trade show booth – PART 3

Drawing Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth: Be Aggressive, Not Abrasive

When first introducing a new product to the market the more interest in your brand and product you can generate the better. The golden rule, according to Brull, is if your product can be played with then be sure to bring it. Face-to-face marketing is all about letting people touch and feel the product.

Companies with small booths would do well to realize that they only get about four seconds for every 10’ by 10’ space they have, and they need to make that 4 seconds count by doing everything they can to engage passersby. There will be a ton of distractions and according to Friedmann it is very easy to become overwhelmed by the entire trade show environment and go into a zombie-like state where it is difficult to take anything in.

Brull suggests creating a warm, clean environment that people can step into. He goes on to suggest that the booth should be treated much the same way as a retail store and that it should be considered home for those days. Give people the impression that coming into your space will be a pleasant experience.

Passersby will only get a quick impression of your company, therefore the people in your booth can have an enormous impact on how your company is perceived. You need to have the right people in your booth. Remember, your employees are there representing your company.

Friedmann believes that people shouldn’t be hawked to from the aisles, but at the same time the booth staff should not be obscured by a table or other fittings. Interaction with a passerby should begin with an engaging question, one that will not be perceived as intrusive. This will provide the opportunity for the person to reveal whether they are there out of curiosity or have a genuine interest in your product, either as a customer or as a potential business partner.

David Maskin has mastered the art of drawing people into booths at trade shows. He bends aluminum wire into personalized nameplates and presents them as a giveaway from the company whose booth he has been invited to sit in. Dubbed “The Wire Man”, Maskin promotes his ability as a traffic magnet, but doesn’t want to limit himself to just creating cold leads and collecting business cards.

According to Maskin his aim is to do more than just draw people into a booth, although he is very good at doing that, many coming in out of sheer curiosity to see what he is doing. He finds that once he has drawn one person in with his wire bending their friends and colleagues usually follow and will stand around, giving the booth staff the opportunity to mingle with them.

Stevens advises that to him quality is the most important thing to keep in mind. A lot of money can be wasted on a trade show, particularly when it is on a cost-per-contract basis. He goes on to say that your booth and the staff in it need to ensure they are attracting the right people, and talking to those that are likely to become customers or influencers in your world.

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