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Tips for boosting traffic at your trade show booth – PART 2

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Tips for boosting traffic at your trade show booth – PART 2

Offer selective incentives to draw traffic to your trade show booth

Steven states that it however is not enough to just get a piece of mail into a potential client’s hand. They also need to have a solid reason to show up. So if you plan to hold a new product launching, promote any aspect of it that will be completely fresh to consumers.

He also states that if you don’t have anything new to promote, you could make a special offer like a price promotion or show discount or a special gift to the customers for coming by.

Friedmann says that there is a huge difference to giving special gifts to people you have contacted before the show and just doing random promotions to generate traffic to your booth.

She says that based on your goals and objectives, you need to give your target audience some reason to come and see you. She says she does not promote giving away an iPad or camcorder as you are not attracting someone in your target audience.

This is because the old putting your business card in a fishbowl to win a prize ruse for generating leads has grown stale. She says that placing a bowl and asking people to drop in business cards is just a waste of energy.

She says that the best way to generate good leads is to start a conversation and a business relationship. As you can rent cold names for 15 cents each, there is no point spending hundreds at a trade show to get cold names.

Moreover, the point of giving expensive giveaways is lost if your company does not get good leads out of the main thing used to draw people to your booth. Stevens states that you need to know your attendees as if there is going to be more of unqualified people like students or spouses or tchochke grabbers wherein you need to keep the gift under the table.

There are also other options for bonding with the target audience at a trade show. Friedmann suggests hosing events in more private conference rooms away from the trade show floor. She suggests reserving space before time and using it for special demos where you don’t want your competition but only your best customers to see.

Speaking on a panel is another option. With the conference or trade show’s organizers help, you could talk on topics you and your company are experts in or a niche of a present industry trend. Its great being in the midst of a debate or the edge of innovation and explaining as you go ahead. You thus attract people who are most interested in your work and you can offer additional conversation, something useful or a free book if they stop by your booth.

Make sure all your future customers and clients know where you will be speaking about the special events your company will be participating in using social media. An increasing number of conferences today create their own Twitter hash-tags for participants to use to communicate with each other on the showroom floor.

Stephens says that many personal show exhibitors use Twitter today saying they had just sold their first widget or had just attended a great talk. Most of them generate more attention to their booth just by tweeting around.

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