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Selecting the Most Compelling Colors for the Signage of Your Business

Selecting the Most Compelling Colors for the Signage of Your Business

The first conspicuous advertisement for the products and services of any company is usually the business signage. It is the first thing that your customers and clients see even before they get to talk to any of your customer service representatives or any other person who will serve them first. Corporations therefore spend a lot of money on research in order to get the most attractive selection of colors that will suit their specific needs. They understand that they can influence the response of their potential customers, whether positive or negative, through the use of color. It has been proved that the colors used on advertising promotions have a certain psychological effect on people. The proper selection of the two basic colors to be used in your business will be the foundation on which the desired graphics and designs can be added.

Therefore, it is important to think through the colors that will be used and what they imply for your business. It is not advisable to try and work with personal favorites. Modern color research can guide the choices you will make; this will enable you to see the effectiveness of your signage in advertising your business.

One important thing you need to consider when selecting the proper color combination is the visibility level that is going to be created. Viewers are likely to be drawn more to your signage when a light color graphic or font is contrasted on a background that is dark; or if a dark graphic or font is contrasted on a light background.

People usually have a psychological response to a variety of colors; therefore you should select shades that have a close semblance to the theme of your company or business. Warm colors have a way of making people comfortable enough to want to linger and be at ease. You may opt to select warm colors that include layers of oranges, yellows and reds in them if you would like the clients or customers to your restaurant or store to linger a little bit longer. In order for your signage to get great attention, you can never go wrong with yellow; it’s the universal favorite. You may also go with signature colors like electric green or hot pink. Other popular choices include strong blues and reds.

The examples below outline how various firms have selected colors that best express messages of their distinct services or products:

• Yellow represents happy feelings – McDonalds seek to make each meal a happy meal’. They additionally use a fiery red sign which stimulates the customers’ appetite.

• Blue expresses business confidence – IBM would like their products to be trusted by everyone.

• Green represents health – Starbuck’s product is greener’ and healthier.

• Purple represents mystery, royalty and wisdom – Hallmark has a variety of cards for all occasions that are perfectly worded.

• Orange represents optimism and joy – Doesn’t the world run on Dunkin?

• Pink represents love and femininity – Look no further than Victoria’s Secret for sexy and romantic women’s fashion.

Black on white will always be a great choice for expressing elegance and professionalism. Indeed, white provides a good background for any contrasting strong color. Black can also serve a similar purpose when supporting bright or very light graphics or letting. Complementary selections can also be very effective; for example purple-yellow pairing or the combination of blue-orange used by Tropicana.


1. You will need to work with the color that’s already established for your brand, if you have one. The alternative is to have a complete overhaul for your advertisement format.

2. Do you seek to have a psychological influence on potential customers through attracting their attention, inspiring positive responses or exciting their senses? What is the most appropriate way of motivating them? Red, orange and yellow are mainly considered as high arousal colors. Violets, blues and greens usually have a lower arousal response. However, it is possible to create a wide variety of responses through lessening or intensifying the shades of all these colors.

3. Never allow that important message displayed on your signage to be overpowered by intense background graphics or colors.

4. To achieve a powerful impact, pair up contrasting complementary colors.

5. Combining black and white will be less expensive and will allow your signage to be clearly legible.

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