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5 Tips When Designing a Logo


5 Tips When Designing a Logo

1. Understand What a Logo Is and How It Helps a Business

Understanding what a logo is, what it can help you with and what it represents are essential to designing one appropriately. Logos are not only simple images displayed within the header of a website or the package of a product, but more complex graphics that represent a business and address messages directly to customers through shapes, vectors and fonts. The primary purpose of a logo is helping businesses gain their customers’ trust, increase recognition and admiration, and logo designers need to prove themselves very capable of creating logos that can allows businesses to grow gradually.

Before going on with designing a logo, you need to carefully understand what a logo is what it should consist from.

2. Learn the Principles and Rules of Logo Design

Once you gain a deeper insight of what a logo is and what it can help a business with, you need to learn the principles and rules of efficient logo design. In other words, you need to understand what specific features your logo should have once you design it.

  • Your logo needs to be describable – by that, we mean that the logo should necessarily allow those who see it to say the purpose of each graphic, and what the logo should convey in general.
  • Your logo should be easy to memorize – in other words, those who see it should be able to successfully recall at some point in the past, so they will always remember about the company or business it was depicted.
  • Your logo should be efficient without color – colorful logos are definitely attractive, but you should better consider designing one that can be efficient, describable and memorable without colors.
  • Your logo should be scalable – if you resize it from 50 x 40 inches to 25 x 20 inches, it should still be very efficient, and its quality should also be outstanding.

3. Learn from Other Designers’ Successes and Mistakes

Great Logos

Once you acquired the necessary knowledge about logo design, you will definitely be able to differentiate successful and not so successful designs. To understand why some logos are more efficient as compared to others, you need to understand why they worked, and what they provided to the audience.

Let’s take, for instance, the ever-popular Nike Swoosh, which is present on anything from sports shoes and other similar apparel. Created by Caroline Davison in 1971 for only $35, the Nike Swoosh is a strong logo that can be easily memorized, efficient even without colors, and also very easy to scale. Fluid and fast, this logo is representative for the famous statue of the Greek goddess Nike, depicting her wing. Of course, there are many other companies that have wonderful logos, except Nike, so consider taking a look at them and deciding what makes them so special.

Bad Logos

To learn how to design a successful logo, you also need to learn from other designers’ mistakes – in other words, analyze their logos and see why they were inefficient. While some logos can include various graphics and elements that might not be easy to notice, others might actually use inappropriate colors, fonts or graphics, which can make them even more inefficient. Sometimes, the only reason why a logo is totally unusable is its plain design, which does not attract any possible visitors.

4. Invent Your Own Designing Process

The last step you need to go through involves inventing your very own logo designing process – of course, only after you have fully understood why a good logo is necessary for your success, and after you have seen how to obtain one. Each designer has different skills and experience when it comes to using Photoshop or Illustrator for creating a logo, and this is why establishing your own way of working can be particularly helpful. Let’s take, for instance, David Airey’s simple and straightforward program of designing a logo.

According to him, the process should be short and simple, consisting of these 7 steps:

1. The Design Brief

2. Research and Brainstorming

3. Sketching

4. Prototyping and Conceptualizing (See Step 5)

5. Send to Client for Review

6. Revise and Add Finishing Touches

7. Supply Files to Client and Provide Customer Service

By going through this process, you will be able to complete your logo design successfully and shortly, so the results that you will obtain will be simply amazing.

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