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7 Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Your Real Estate Signs

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7 Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Your Real Estate Signs

Using sign boards on houses that you want to sell is one of the most effective and convenient ways you can do to attract buyers. To make sure that it works for you, you will need to make a well-designed real estate signage that can stand out from the environment and catch the attention of your potential buyers. So, how do you exactly create sandwich boards or any form of real estate signs that close the sale? Well, all you have to do is follow these tips so you can get the most out of your property signage.

1. Apply borders on the signage design to guide their visual attention to the information you want them so see.

Properly placed borders on your signs can redirect your potential buyer’s visual and mental focus on the information you want them to keep in mind. This can help stand out from the competition, and make a long lasting emotional impact by having your potential clients read crucial information about the property you are selling.

2. It is all about color theme or combination.

-Here’s a quick tip when choosing colors on your property signs and vehicle graphics, your signage can make a strong impact on your readers if you use at least two colors aside from white.

-You might want to choose strong colors that don’t hurt the eyes so you can engage potential clients.

-However, make sure that you don’t use the color red without pairing it with other colors. Red usually means stop and it may tell your buyers to stay away from you.

-When choosing colors for your signage design, make sure that the color matches the ones in your brochure so that it reinforces your brand image. This is to make your marketing campaign more effective.

3. Use attention-grabbing visual design.

Do you want your sign to be have a strong impact that makes your potential clients remember your brand every time they think about buying a real estate property? Well, you can do that by placing a bold, eye-catching logo or photo on your signage. Think about that event signage on the bulletin board that everyone wants to look at or that cool looking vehicle wrap or those car decals that never cease to the attention of passers-by. That’s how your sign should be.

4. Uniqueness is Essential

If you are having a hard time making your sign unique then you can always seek the help of a sign shop. Designers and illustrators in a sign shop Vancouver can add uniqueness and professionalism to your custom real estate signs. For more convenience, you can check out online design tools like so you can easily make a personalized signage design. You can also use custom sign riders to highlight certain parts of your signage layout.

5. Don’t take sign frames for granted.

The use of sign frames may not be very appealing to you but it can make a huge difference on your signs’ impact on your readers. Did you know that metal frames on your signs can not only enhance your properties’ visual appearance but also convey some sort of positivity on your image? Better give it a try. And aside from visual enhancements, sign frames also allow you to attach stuffs like brochure boxes and other reading materials so your potential clients can get all the information they need on the property you are selling which includes area size, price, and others.

6. A Strong Internet presence will let you reach more clients.

Based on a study made by California Associate of Realtors, majority of property buyers usually find their agents on the Internet. Because of this, you have to establish your presence online. It may sound hard but there are actually plenty of free tools and other online resources you can use to create your own website. Once you have created your site, you can include your web address on your signage so that clients can get in touch with you online and access complete information about the properties you are selling and your background as a seller.

7. Learn about laws the govern posting of signage.

There are communities that have laws that don’t allow posting of real estate signs. Educate yourself about these rules so you don’t get into any trouble. You can do this by simply calling a local official and have him explain all the rules to you before you start posting signs.

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