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6 Tips for a Remarkable Trade Show Booth

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Tips for Building an Attractive Trade Show Booth

You may be in the habit of visiting trade shows every once in a while. And you may have possibly already become accustomed to the boring trade booths that you see every single time. Do you find yourself attracted to any booth in particular? Are there some booths that stand out? What is it about them that draw you in?

Unfortunately, your answer may be nothing. No particular booth at trade shows manages to catch your attention. Have you found yourself on the other end of the spectrum, where it is your booth that cannot seem to garner any attention from the crowd?

You can change these with a few simple tips, a little bit of time and a dash of creativity. Use the ideas mentioned below to help you make your trade booth more attractive.

1. Your booth should be unique

A lot of time and money is invested into trade shows. It stands to reason that if you are going to be involved in a trade show; your trade booth should be able to stand out. Better yet, do not make it a onetime event. Instead, invest in a booth that you can re-use over the next couple of trade shows to come. Trade shows are one way of marketing, and if you will be cheap about it, you might as well look for another means of marketing.

Versatility should be an important option to consider when choosing a booth size. This way, you can easily increase or decrease your booth size depending on the trade show, and the amount of space you will be given for your booth.

2. Make use of good quality promotional items

Promotional items are a good way of attracting attention to your booth, but if you want to attract and keep that attention, you need to be able to offer your audience something more than just cheap boring items. In fact, if you should offer them something that is in line with the product you are advertising through your booth. For instance, if you are dealing in car decals or vehicle wraps, you could offer a few decals as promotional items. These promotional items should be able to reflect the quality of the items you sell. You can never go wrong with vehicle graphics as many people, especially young adults, are constantly looking for ways to pimp up their cars. If you are worried about the cost of these free giveaways, you can have one major grand prize instead. Generate enough interest around your product, and give it away to one lucky winner.

3. Host games and include prizes!

If you are in the signage industry, and your booth is offering an interesting game with a prize, and you are lined up against others in the same industry with boring brochure handouts, which booth do you think people will most likely flock to? Make sure that the games are entertaining and unique, so do away with your typical raffle games. Before the games, you can get the audience to sign up and in so doing; you can have a list of potential clients! Think of a game that you can come up with that revolves around signage design. Maybe you could get participants to be creative in coming up with their own signs. Then the participant with the best design can win a custom made event signage for maybe a birthday, family get together or even their small business.

4. Demonstrate how your product works

Instead of handing out a boring brochure with detailed instructions on how your product works, why not demonstrate it for your audience? You can use this opportunity to show your audience why your product is different, and why they will benefit from having it. Avoid focusing too much on the features, but focus more on its values. If you can involve your audience it is even better.

5. Make use of technology

There are a variety of ways you can use modern technology to attract an audience to your booth. Visit a sign shop and have a digital sign made for your booth. This will attract more people than a handmade one. You can set up screen with a demonstration of how your product words. You can also showcase testimonials from satisfied customers. These can all be used to sway your audience and get them to buy your product.

You can also make use of proximity technology. This form of marketing sends out offers and enticing messages to phones of people who come within a certain range of your booth. The messages can contain information about your product or an invitation to play your game.

6. Be an active social media participant

Despite the fact that trade shows are more physical than digital, it does not mean that you cannot use social media to further generate interest in your product. This can be especially helpful for those who, for various reasons, were not able to attend the trade show. You can keep them up to date on what is going on, and they in turn will appreciate the information you are giving them. Thanks to this technological era, if done correctly, you can even alert trade show attendees of your presence at the trade show. People will continue tweeting or commenting on other social media sites about the show, and might even search for hashtags related to the show. You can use this to your advantage by creating hashtags relevant to your niche. Use these hashtags actively as this will make it easier for people to find you. Just because someone isn’t attending the trade show in person, does not mean they’re useless. You never know, your social posts about the show, as well as your products may attract interested persons that may be potential clients.

Use the tips mentioned above, and your next trade show is guaranteed to be more successful than the previous one. You can tweak the tips to better suit you, and better yet, come up with your own tips to make your trade show successful. Share these tips with others and get other tips in return!

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