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What Is The Value of Using Vehicle Graphics and Wraps?

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What Is The Value of Using Vehicle Graphics and Wraps?

Starting out and running a new business to the point that it is successful depends on many different factors. The most important one being advertising. The reality of the matter is that you may be selling the highest quality products or offering the best services but if your potential customers do not know of your business you will not get as many sales as you would have hoped you would get. Here’s some good news for such businesses that are stuck in such a rut out there. The good news is that there are many ways for such business entrepreneurs to get news about their business out there. The choice is for the entrepreneur when all is said and done. He or she has to make the choice as to which medium will bring the most sales for their business.

If you have the opportunity of sealing a deal with a well-known brand name it will definitely be a plus for your will not only drive up sales but it will lead to an increased revenue for your business. Truth be told however, most of your clients will be the one’s who reside close to your business premise.What then makes us think that it is a worthwhile investment to invest in a vehicle wrap?Vehicle wraps reap up huge profits for small businesses or those that are only just starting out. Businesses like small restaurants, hairdressers or builders. History has shown that auto wrapping shops like us have put a lot of effort and time into finding out just how much customers benefit from such endeavors.

This one study that was done by Arbiton discovered that outdoor media was such an important phenomenon in reaching new clients that were not exposed to radio or television. Outdoor media advertising was also said to be the most powerful and it also brought on board new never before reached consumers, some of whom included pedestrians.

What this research revealed is that commuters are the very essence an important target based on their expenditure and income habits. 35% of most commuters come from a household that earns $75,000 compared to a measly 25% of the Canadian av income profile. This also means that the average ages of that target group is between 25 to 54 years.

Vehicles that are wrapped put the message directly in front of target consumers and they also give clients the option of directly contacting the goods or service provider via coupons, the opportunity to sample and also experience other promotional antics.

We did attempt to wrap one of our vehicles in a bid to conduct a test and to find out the kind of response that we would get. We did add other details that would share our logo on the back window and that also carried our contact details.

Since we did this we have been bombarded with numerous requests from business people who want their vehicles to be wrapped. So much so that we have not had the opportunity to create a full wrap on our own vehicles.

Big and well-known brands like Coca-Cola, Red Bull and Pepsi all wrap their vehicles. This begs the question. Why would such big companies opt to wrap their vehicles if that sort of advertising was not effective?

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