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Trade Show Marketing Tips to Ensure the Best Booth

trade show marketing tips vancouver

As a small or medium business with a limited market budget, trying to firmly stand out in any trade show can be like a like a usual David-versus-Goliath proposition! You might feel that your small both might get lost in the shadow cast by your neighbor’s city-block space complete with dancers and a big 45-foot yacht. But in marketing, it’s the design of your space, quality of your representatives and your overall marketing strategy that matters. Sometimes even small booths with Coquitlam real estate signs do well. It’s not just the space you have at the trade show, but the way you successfully break the stops for all those walking by. Let’s have a close look at a few tips from Speedpro Imaging Coquitlam.

It’s Important to Secure the Right Spot

The first and most important thing you should try to do well in advance of any trade show is to find out more about the floor plan. If you can’t get this information from the material sent to you or one that’s available online, you can even contact the event management firm directly. You must ascertain where your competitors are, and if possible make sure you’re not their neighbor. You can also opt for a booth at some strategic location, such as an island, which is a booth located at the end of a row or in a corner. This is also the place from where your sandwich board sign will be easily visible.

Create the Right Space

Even a well-positioned trade show booth can fail to draw in visitors if its design is not attractive. It’s important to include product samples, eye catching signage from a Coquitlam sign shop, and different types of giveaways without actually cluttering up your space. Push all tables to the side to remove any barrier between trade show visitors and your reps. Also make sure you have adequate lighting. This will make sure your booth is visible from a distance.

In fact, you can design your space along the lines of your office or store environment. Retail businesses can include products on racks, mannequins wearing clothes, display cases and other things that properly highlight your company’s products. All service based companies that sell large products can use DVD product demos to draw people in. They can also play music provided they use it well. It’s important to adhere to a reasonable sound/noise level. This level should not irritate your neighbors or hinder conversation.

While there are companies that can design your display booth,  you can easily get the desired results with your own efforts. For some inspiration, you can visit other trade shows and see which of the booths are drawing crowds and how their displays are set up. It’s also important to check how their reps interact with people. You will get few success tips.

Choose the Right People to Represent You

Don’t just rely on the warm bodies in your booth. It’s a fact that your reps are the face of your business. Don’t send persons who don’t know much about your services or products or don’t have the requisite personality to reach out to visitors. It’s much better to use the employees of the company, but temps also do a great job. It’s best to rely one people who can easily handle the physical exertion involved. Choose people who can easily stand for hours without getting tired.

Use Latest Technology

You can use social media to create buzz about your booth. Use Facebook, Twitter and Google+ in the best possible way days before you actually participate in a trade show. During your show, you can even attach the trade show’s hashtag to all your tweets to easily engage in dialogue with others concerning your event. This way your Twitter followers will also know that you’ll be at the event. Some trade shows are big, so if someone doesn’t know that you’re at that show, they’ll simply walk by you. In fact, you can send tweets with some code words that your attendees can use at your boot to win free prizes or discounts. Other interesting options include use of QR codes in print material to lead interested people to web pages that provide more information about your business.

Focus Solely on Your Goals

Your sense of mission is critical for success at any trade show. To get most out of a trade show, you need to know why you’re going there in the first place. It’s not just about sales. It’s about connecting with others you already do business with and promote yourself. Trade shows can also be a great source of referral partners. You can chat with non-competing businesses, and see how you could refer business to each other. It’s important that you come prepare with right marketing material, giveaways, staff, and whatever else you need to achieve your goals.

Choose Best Giveaways

Giveaways can play a big role in luring people to your booth. Many companies do everything from barbecues to golf clubs to TVs for their clients. Do something substantial so that people can see it. You can give a pen or watch, but it won’t draw any attention form people walking by. Vancouver sign shop can provide you attractive signage to draw attention to your booth. They can even announce your giveaways!

You can keep costs reasonable by not giving your free stuff to all. Keep inexpensive giveaways in hand for folks who’re not your target audience. Higher priced items should be reserved for people that you really want to attract.

Consistently Follow Up

It’s important to follow up immediately after the show with all prospects, referral partners and other new connections that you make at your trade show. But don’t just pick your phone and start calling, or send a blast of emails. Instead, you should try to understand how people want to be contacted. If you’re not sure, do what suits your personality.

And in order to avoid bothering people, include a box respondent in your entry forms for freebies that respondents can check off if they want to be on your mailing lists or receive further information.

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Trade Show Marketing Tips to Ensure the Best Booth

trade show marketing tips

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