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Small Business Signage: A Highly Effective Marketing Tool

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Most small and medium businesses rely on postcard mailings and newspaper ads when interested in marketing their products or services to a wider audience. While all these are tried and tested methods, they’re definitely not one of the best and cost effective ways for a business that’s just getting off the ground.

These days, ads in local newspapers don’t draw much attention mainly due to their small size, due to which they fail to stand out. Preparing a television ad can be expensive and poorly made one can even make a business appear unprofessional.

It’s very important for startups and small and medium businesses to immediately gain visibility and build a solid brand reputation in the minds of their customers. But how? Well, it can be easily achieved by using highly effective signage. By putting your business name, logo and contact details on things like car door magnets, window decals, and Coquitlam real estate signs. Consumers are quickly introduced to your business for a miniscule investment.

But what’s the best way to use these promotional products. Let’s have a close look at few tips.

Location, Location, Location

The location of business is important for its long term success. If it’s a prime location, it can ensure quick success because a high traffic area almost guarantees that hundreds of customers will drawn to your store and will become aware of the services or products you provide. Of course, you’ll have to spend more for such locations, which can be difficult for small businesses. However, that doesn’t mean that you’re out of luck if you’re in a less-traveled area.

It’s easy to build familiarity with target market, and you can do that easily with sandwich board signs in Coquitlam, which has your name, logo and marketing message on it. You can use these boards near a busy road to spread a word about your business. Customizable lawn signs from coquitlam sign shop are now best on the market and very cost effective. You can buy them at low prices, so they can easily fit into your marketing budget.

Ask your local Vancouver sign shop to keep the sign simple and attractive so that people can easily understand you’re advertising as they pass. By using your logo and business message you can also build your brand. Somebody may not need your product or service now, but will definitely remember your business in the future if they’re exposed continuously to your brand. You can also draw good number of customers by holding sales and specials on a regular basis. Speedpro Imaging Coquitlam offers bright sign advertising which you can use at the nearest busy road to grab people’s attention and also alert them about the event.

For all service based businesses, who’re often spread at different places around the town, a lawn sign from a Coquitlam sign shop is a must have. You can advertise your business by displaying your sign at a job site. Sometimes it’s possible to enter agreement with customers who agree to display your lawn signs in exchange for some discount on your services or products. If a person needs housekeeping service more often than not their neighbors will as well. Lawn signs give them an idea about the kind of service you provide and will definitely encourage many of them to contact you.

For professionals, such as electricians, landscapers, or painters, these signs allow potential customers to know firsthand the level of service you provide, which is definitely valuable. Don’t forget to ask Speedpro Imaging Coquitlam to include your website details and phone number on the signs so that your customers can know more about you and contact you.

Think Outside the Box!

New startups have limited marketing budget which can be a big constraint when they want to reach out to potential customers and build their customer base. If you’re a small business owner, this shouldn’t hold you back. In fact, at this point you can be bit more creative and use signage in innovative ways that will definitely set you apart from the pack and promote your business more than your competition. Though some trial and error may be involved, but you must always make a point to ask your customers on how they heard about you so that you can get direct feedback on what actually works for you.

Moving Advertisement is the Best!

Think about how you spend your time traveling around in the city in your car and places you encounter while just running errands on a Saturday. There is so much crowd in the market and many other places. So imagine telling all those people more about your company and providing them your contact details. In this case, your car can turn into a moving billboard for your business. You can easily personalize car door magnets for your store and place them on the back or door of your car. This will allow all those you’re driving by to be exposed to your company and its contact details at minimal cost. In fact, many retailers on the market are offering such products for as little as $10.

It’s a great idea to invest in small window decals. You can place them on your car and shop windows. They will advertise your business to the people walking by or driving about discounts, sales, and specials you’re running. Decals can also be used as a stationary or moving advertisement, and is another way to boost awareness about what you business offers. All these are simple and effective marketing techniques that can boost your market visibility.

Again it’s important to keep your messaging simple so that your target audience can easily understand all about your business and ways to contact you for business. It’s really important to have an impressive logo in bright color, especially when you want to use it on your signs. In fact, your logo is the image of your business, so try to keep it professional and make sure it truly reflects the image of your company. By using logo on all forms of signage, you can easily strengthen your brand image and help consumers remember the services or products you provide.

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Small Business Signage: A Highly Effective Marketing Tool

 small business signage

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