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Using Signs for Marketing Your Business

signs for marketing your business

Signs have become so widespread to an extent that people hardly notice them easily anymore until when looking for one. In fact, it has reached a point where we are taking their effect on us for granted, something which has in turn helped make them [signs] even more effective. As it stands now, most business owners are fully aware that they need a sign only that they consider them as merely a marker helping identification of the business easier. As a result, they are completely unaware of the underutilized earning potential of signage.

The best way any independent merchant can fully take advantage of the potential earning of signage is by looking at signage not only as a way to mark the business but also a perfect way to market the business. Just so you know, as a business owner/company/ organization, your premise sign should clearly mark your location, help identify your premise, convey the right message to your target clients/audiences and most importantly properly communicate whatever product, service or brand you are selling or that which you represent.

An overview of the ABC’s of signage

Simply put, any of your signs should help Attract new clients, Brand the business and most importantly Create a series of impulse sales stress free.

Attracting Customers

Findings from a recent research indicate that close to 85% of all customers usually come from a 5 mile radius from the business premise. The same report states that an estimated 18.6% of the same population relocates on an annual basis. This in turn means that your business will be losing a few customers who must be replaced in order to break even, question is: who is in business to break even? Simply put, the best way to sustain your business is to maintain your customer base however, in order to grow the business, it is imperative that you increase your customer base and there is no better way to do so than with signage. In case you are interested in attracting customers easily visit any high profiling coquitlam sign shop.

Branding the Business

Finally, when your business name is the only one which comes to mind whenever a particular product or service is needed then you have achieved “top of mind awareness. This type of awareness in business is built and requires reinforcement through repetition. Taking into consideration the 5 mile radius from where slightly 85% of your clients come from, your business sign should be designed in such a manner than it commands the attention of your customers anytime they pass just as in the case of coquitlam real estate signs. That is exactly how sign helps build top of mind awareness which overtime helps ideally brand the business.

In addition to the above, the name, logo, colors and even catch phrase/motto of your firm, business or organization should be consistent with what is on your print ads as well as in letter heads, business cards and signs. It is these coordinated efforts which help create recall and recognition which collectively help brand the business/company or organization within the consumers mind.

Creation of a Series Impulse Sales

Speedpro Imaging Coquitlam is on record for admitting that at least 17% of all its customers were people who never had intensions of ever shopping there but ended up shopping from it simply because they saw the store’s sign.

Marketing to your target Clients

Different businesses have completely different business needs simply because they serve different purposes plus they also reach out to completely different customers/clients. This being the case, the best way to market yourself to your target customers through your signage is to make sure that you find out which category of business your target clients fall in. whether they are from the category whose main focus in on satisfying infrequent and more specific client needs or the one which fulfill frequent and general customer needs. For help in doing so, feel free to reach out to any well-established vancouver sign shop.

Infrequent Needs branding sites

Businesses such as electronic stores, locksmiths, dental offices etc which offer products or services which satisfy the infrequent needs or specialized needs must achieve top of the mind awareness as it is the only guarantee that the business name will always pop up first whenever the above mentioned needs arise. For such types of businesses branding is very important since it serves to help significantly increase memory of the business in the customers’ minds.

Impulse/ Frequent Needs

Businesses such as grocery stores, video stores, restaurants, gas stations, car washes etc which are designed to satisfy impulse or frequent needs on the other hand need to come up with ways to reach out to people from far. Customers who approach this type of businesses usually have a small window of opportunity to make the decision to stop and buy hence your sign should not only be eye catching but also coupled by a brief, simple message which can easily be read and understood fast. Simply put, through your sign, the business should easily be noticed or recognized by anyone ready to buy.

Speedpro Imaging Coquitlam is a perfect example of a business with proper signage and branding. Remember, a poorly designed sign which is hard to identify, hard to read and hard to understand will only make it impossible for the business to attract customers even if the products or services on offer are superior. In order for your sign to convince impulse customers to make a stop at your business premise, it must be designed to portray the right message in a manner that is simple to recognize at the first glance.

Usually, people driving down any street take in a great deal of information. This being the case, the best way to capture your target clients right from the moment they make their first glance at your sign make sure your sign allows them to easily pick out they main thing on the signage. Any other additional information should be designed to help keep your clients always interested in your sign hence your business. And as a result they remember to always come and see you.

Remember, we read from top going down and then left going right. This being the case, the key word, symbol, graphics or even logo representing your business should be located right at the top of the sign. Failure to observe this will make it difficult and longer for your target customers to understand whatever products or services the business is offering. Translation, any new or old customer who comes across a complicated sign will never be able to read through and react to it before driving by.

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Using Signs for Marketing Your Business

signs for marketing

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