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5 Tips for a Successful Open House

An open house is the best way for a potential home buyer to imagine themselves living in a house on the market. It’s the best way for them to imagine themselves pouring a cup of coffee in their kitchen, or relaxing during family nights in the living room.

Before you can sell the house, you have to sell the dream. Here’s how Vancouver realtors are getting potential buyers through the doors of their open houses to start dreaming:

1. Directional Signage

So you’ve advertised your open house online…great! Now make sure people can get there easily. Metro Vancouver tends to have more winding streets than our East Coast counterparts. Our solution? Pepper the surrounding streets with clear and bright signage leading to your open house!

Many realtors use coroplast signs, but we recommend setting yourself apart from the rest with vinyl laminate coroplast realty signs. Why? You can get more use out of these higher quality signs that withstand UV and Raincouver damage. Plus, they look sharper too.

We recommend using A-frames to lead to your open house. They stand taller, so they’re easier to see than the directional arrows most realtors opt for.

2. Up the Ambience: Sell with Smell

It’s possible to transform a simple home into a social media-worthy space that sells, through a simple staging trick or two. Candles are a simple solution that do double duty. Infuse your open house space with the right ambiance through their inviting scents and lighting to entice your buyers. We recommend using natural candles–you don’t want synthetic candles or air fresheners causing allergic reaction! Check out Vancouver Candle Co., especially if you’re getting candles in bulk!

Another way to make the place smell like home? Freshly baked goods from a local Vancouver bake shop. The only downside is that you may be tempted to eat these staging treats before the open house! We like the cupcakes from Something Sweet Patisserie.

3. Postcards: Branding that Sticks

Hear us out, because we know this is an uncommon tip. Every realtor has stacks of home profile printouts on the kitchen counters of their open houses. Make your client’s home AND your brand stand out in the Vancouver real estate market through bright postcards featuring a photo of the most aesthetic part of the featured home. Details about your open house can easily fit on the back of a postcard, and a link can be included in the copy to find the corresponding listing online. Don’t forget to include your own branding!

4. Feng Shui Flow

While you don’t necessarily need a full feng shui consultation for your open house, rearranging the furniture so that each room looks as open and spacious as possible does wonders. This can simply mean switching the end of a sectional from one side to another. Take pictures of the space before rearranging to reference when you reset the home to its original shape.

5. Use Social Media: Post an Instagram Story

Even if you don’t have Instagram, viewing the space around you through your phone camera is like looking through a different set of eyes. Take a quick video and review to help the curb appeal and tidying up process. If you DO have Instagram, posting the video along with area specific hashtags corresponding to your open house’s location will help promote and increase its local awareness!

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